Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Royal Puppet Christmas

Yeah, yeah, I know. Another clip that has nothing to do with triathlon. But it's Christmas, so I'm allowed.

Included in the video of my children's first Christmas:

-Dogs eating unicorns

-A bear with ADD and a sword

-A congested elephant

-And much, much more...


jessithompson said...

THIS IS HILARIOUS AND I AM LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! You guys are awesome parents... way to pull out the stops for the first Christmas!

My favorite character is the unicorn and all his 'magic'... you could really go on the road with this.

Keep posting this, sorry, but it's way better than any race report! LOL! ;)

Pat G. said...

Your little sister (13) watched this Christmas play clip with me and we laughed so hard. SHE remembers how you read books to her, and mastered puppets, with all the unique voices and actions during her entire childhood! When you were a teenager, and you'd sit her on your lap, open a book and begin to read...the family would get snagged on the entertainment and pretty soon you had an audience! I also remember the story line was rarely as it was written! Innocent little sweetsie characters would become super heroes and save the world from a horrible disaster. The twins are in for a childhood of hilarious and creative 'shows'. You're a great daddy, Ben! Blessings on 2009.