Friday, April 3, 2009

New Orleans Triathlon 2

So I've decided that rather than write, I'm going to do a type of "video collage". The clips are short, but entertaining, I promise. Just some HIGHLIGHTS from the Friday before the New Orleans 70.3 Triathlon.

Also, check out the post AFTER this one (Thursday's post). I thought I posted it this morning, but just put BOTH of the posts up at the same. So you get a little blog double dip, for free of course. You may even want to do Thursday first, if you're into chronology (oops, just used up my one big word).



Lost Car Keys:

Lost Car Keys 2:

Drunks on Sidewalk:

Pre-Race Meeting:

Conversation with Macca:

One day left until the big race!


Diane Swift said...

You are a riot Ben. I enjoyed your
collage of video Mr Entertainment.
I can see your having fun already.
I like your bed. Do your feet hang
over? LOL.....
Can't wait to hear about your race.
Best of luck....Let's see, will the suchi during swim work out well
in your nutrition plan for race???

Pat G. said...

Hey, maybe you could get paid to provide pre-race comedy stress-relief to co-racers? Course, you are crazy enuf that you might be driving some of the more tense ones to strangle you! So, is that a moustache you're growing or was the water dirty you were swimming in? ha. We'll be 'watching' you tomorrow from Moscow, Idaho....and missing you at your bro and sis's reception. We'll save you some vodka punch. Mwah!