Saturday, July 4, 2009

Get To Be a Faster Open Water Swimmer With This Workout.

Ready to have some brutal fun? I actually assigned this workout to a few of my athletes this week (you know who you are!) This is a perfect race season workout for dialing-in power and speed...

Warm-up: 500m freestyle

Push-Ups to 50m Sprint Superset: On deck, 15 push-ups, directly into a 50m all out sprint. 60 second rest intervals. 5 times through.

50m Sprint Plus Time Trial: 50m all out sprint taken directly into 250m tempo effort just below race pace effort. Recover 1 minute and repeat 1x.

3x100m No-Stop Intervals: 100m at race pace intensity, but instead of resting at wall, swim 50m slow freestyle for recovery

3xLadders: Start away from the wall. Without pushing off the wall, swim to the center of the pool, turn 180, swim back towards the wall but turn at the T, not at the wall (no push-off). Now swim all the way down to the other end of the pool, and again stop at the T, not at wall and reverse direction again. At the center of the pool reverse direction one more time so that you end at the far end of the pool. Recovery is very easy breastroke or backstroke back to start.

10x25 Hypoxic Sets: No breathing. 15-20 second rest intervals.


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