Friday, October 15, 2010

What The Heck Was I Wearing at Ironman Hawaii?

Many of you may be curious about the race uniform (pictured above) that I was sporting in Kona this year. It's a fairly unique design, with my Hawaii Ironman sponsors emblazoned across the front, back, side and legs - but also a background image of the Ironman tattoo from my back spread across the front and back of the kit.

In addition, you may have noticed from the family finish shot that my family (and several other support team members scattered through the crowd) were wearing custom designed t-shirts and hats that matched my race kit - and during race week, I was personally sporting a coat, polo, short sleeve shirt and singlet that matched my race kit as well...

The race kit and the gear I wore all week stayed incredibly cool in the hot Hawaii environment, and this is the first Ironman I have ever finished with zero chafing, in the armpits, crotch or anywhere else. The uniform I wore during the race was the most breathable fabric I've yet sported in hot conditions, and I'm looking forward to racing with it in Jamaica and Thailand over the next couple months. I've included even more pictures at the end of this blog post. what crazy company actually committed to designing this entire kit and clothing series for Ironman Hawaii? The clothing company is called "Champ-Sys" and you can visit their website by clicking here. They create custom clothing orders like mine in very small batches, but also do kits for enormous teams.

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Chuck said...

Ben- Good luck in Jamaica man!