Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"The Kona Diaries"

Beginning October 1, my entire Ironman World Championships trip to Kona will be logged over at

This will be a a daily video log that goes into triathlon travel tips, bike packing tricks, race preparation, meal planning for race week, and many other practical video tips for preparing for a big race like this.

It may also include the world famous Underwear Run.

Over the next week as videos are published, please direct any questions or things you'd like to see in a video via Twitter to @bengreenfield with hashtag #konaquestions, or as comments on the bottom of those posts at

See you there!


P.S. In one of the first "Kona Diary" posts, I'll also be revealing my final 4 weeks of training leading up to Ironman, so you can see what my build and taper weeks looked like.

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Becky H said...

Love it, thanks for sharing Ben!! Closest I may get to racing Kona, will be great to see the prep that goes into getting over there!