Saturday, May 12, 2012

Wildflower Race Report

I just posted a PR and got on the podium at the Wildflower Half-Ironman Triathlon in California...with a:

26:46 Swim - Thanks to the Paul at SwimSmooth, I learned to look slightly forward, keep my fingers closer together, and exhale underwater - and this allowed me to break the 27 minute barrier for  a half IM swim, although I had zero drafting opportunities during the swim...

Nutrition/Gear notes:
-Day before: Millenium Sports Somnidren GH for sleep
-2 hours pre-swim: 4 LivingFuel SuperBerry 
-Wetsuit: Synergy Hybrid
-Google: Blue Seventy Helix

2:37 Bike - This was my first chance to do a long course race for Team Timex on the Quintana Roo CD0.1 and it is a sick bike indeed. This turned into quite a lonely race, as I was by myself on the bike the entire time as well (it's always tough to self-pace and not have some others to play with on the bike). Pretty much stuck to a gel every 20 minutes the whole way through, and drank to thirst, at about 30oz water per hour.

Bike notes:
-Shoes: Louis Garneau Tri-Speed shoes
-Helmet: Gray Aero helmet
-Wheels: Shimano C-50
-Tires: Challenge Triathlon
-Groupo: Shimano Dura-Ace
-Seat: Adamo ISM Road Saddle
-Sunglasses: Native Eyewear

1:28:56 Run - As usual, the Wildflower run freaking hurt, and once again I was on my own the whole time. Per my usual strategy on a half-marathon, I held back slightly on the first 10K of the course, then gradually began to increase pace for the next 10K. I had a gel at 5K, 10K, and 15K, and a sip of water at the aid stations where I grabbed a gel.

Run notes:
-Shoes: K-Swiss K-Ruuz

4:36:32 Overall Time


...10 days before the race, I was dangerously close to being overtrained...

So here's an interesting article about how exactly how I dug myself out of that overtraining hole.

And a big thanks to all my sponsors. Check them all out here.

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