Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sample Training Week of Minimalist Ironman Training...

Many of you heard my interview with EVOAthlete's Jay Schroeder. While I'm working on a more formal post about how I am implementing his advanced endurance training methods in my minimalist training (6-9 hour per week) build-up to Ironman Canada, here is a basic overview if you want to see what a week of training looks like for me right now:

-Easy 30 minute recovery ride
-30 minute focused swim drills with fins/paddles
-Tennis practice, either before or after in sauna do 5x20 second on, 5 seconds off isoextreme lunges
-Before bed: 5 minute isoextreme wall squat

Tuesday : 
-Full body foam roller
-5 minutes inversion table
-5 minutes hot-cold contrast thermogenesis
-Swim 10x100's using Wetronome to decrease 100m time by 0.2s per week.
-Run Hurricane workout, 10x30 seconds at 10mph and 10% incline + 5-8 rep Barbell Complex (Squat/DL/Overhead Press/Clean) + 30 Burpees finisher with mobility drills

-Swim 50's and 25's sprints. Dryland - between each set perform 35 rebound bent over DB row "pen drops" with folded dollar bill exercise 
-After completing swim, in sauna: 10x30s on/10s off iso extreme standing hamstring and iso extreme back foot elevated lunge 2 minutes each side.
-30 minute ride with 5-10x 10-20 second super high cadence neuromuscular repeats, after ride perform 1 Russian Lunge every 5 seconds for 2 minutes, then repeat for opposite side
-At some point during day, iso extreme rebound standing doorway pushups - 1 rep every 10 seconds for 5 minutes, hten iso extreme scapular pullups 20x10 seconds on/5 seconds off. 

-Before or after run perform isoextreme doorway pushup, 5 minutes.
-Litvinov 400m repeats as 15-30 dumbbell swings or front squats to 400m uphill or flat run. After, do 5x20 second on, 5 seconds off Isoextreme lunges. 30 Burpees finisher.
-Before bed: 5 minute isoextreme wall squat

-5 minutes inversion table
-5 minutes hot-cold contrast thermogenesis
-30 minutes Injury Prevention Protocol (preferably in sauna)

-Electrostimulation 30 minutes quads/hamstrings + 60-90 minute Zone 3 intervals ride. After: isoextreme standing hamstring 10x30 seconds on, 30 seconds off 
-Hypoxic swim set, 20-30 minutes

-Run 60-90 minute Zone 3 intervals + swim longer 200-500m intervals. Between each swim set 15 rebound bent over row "pen drops" + folded dollar bill exercise and rebound bent-over front delt raise 15x + folded dollar bill exercise

More to come soon at! Also, check out Jay's site at

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