Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Get Hella Good Karma Points from Ben Greenfield

I need a super quick favor from you...

The brand spankin' new BenGreenfieldFitness phone app launches on June 4. That's today

My goal is to rank as a top app. And to do that, I gotta get at least 5000 downloads during the 48-hour launch window today and tomorrow.

Trust me - YOU can totally help me pass that number. 

So sometime today or Wednesday, it would be killer if you could mention the app to your  friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, blog, newsletter, whatever. Just something quick like:

"Ben Greenfield just launched a free fitness app - Android: http://goo.gl/yisgR - iPhone: http://goo.gl/B6MyR. Check it out & rate it!"

I owe you one big time if you can help me out on this one...so spread the karma! And of course, be sure to grab the free app for yourself too...

app-store amazon_app google_play_app

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