Friday, June 13, 2008

How to Stay Warm and Tingly During the Ironman Coeur D' Alene Cold Water Swim

I swam for about 35 minutes in Lake Coeur D' Alene at 53 degrees today, and did a little experiment. This stuff called "Greyhound Juice" is purported as a highly potent warming salve, traditionally used by cyclists to warm their legs in cold weather.

Well, Greg down at Greyhound Juice in Portland, Oregon shoved a few samples my way to try out, and they arrived this morning.

Being a highly scientific research-minded individual, prior to my icy swim I smeared my entire Right leg with Greyhound Juice, and let the Left leg go virgin.

Lo and behold, upon finishing, my Right leg was hot, tingly and warm almost in a kinky, sex-toy kind of way, while my Left leg was like a cold wet fish.

Final verdict: I am probably going to be smearing most of my body in Greyhound Juice 30 minutes prior to Ironman Coeur D' Alene.

Get yours here, at a discount (I used the Original Formula) and tell them that Ben Greenfield sent you. If you have any left over, it may be useful to spice up the bedroom with your significant other. Just don't burn any body parts off.


Greg said...

Thanks for the feedback Ben. As you point out, our products originated for cyclists; we are excited about having triathletes and other athletes try our products.

Greyhound Juice products are all natural and petroleum free. Each user will respond differently to our products depending on how their body metabolizes the essential oils.

As for bedroom antics, have fun but be careful to keep it away from "sensitive areas". Believe me, you'll only make that mistake once ;^)


kerrie said...

fun blog...sorry about your crap time in Canada - that is crazy(sometimes I am embarrassed to be Canadian!). I have a couple of questions for you:
1/ are you/have you worn booties when swimming in the lake? do you think they would make a difference?
2/did your babies need passports when they crossed the border(since you drove)?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have continued on a short bike and run to see the effect it has in warm 80 degree weather. Keep in mind only the water is going to be cold. Just a thought.


Glen Beenfield

Sharon said...

Greg, Was wondering if you would recommend using this product under a long spring suit? I'm doing only the swimming part of a 1/2 Iron Man Tri (1.2 miles of open water). Last year the air was 37F and the water was 60F. I can't find a tight fitting spring suit and too much water shifts thru my long sleeve, long pants spring suit. How would I rinse off the product from the suit after the race? Thanks