Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Closed For Repair

I could provide you with the nitty-gritty details that include the exact color of my deformed knee, but you know what - a general overview of this week should suffice.

-Took 6 days completely off cycling and running and knee bending. Gained *just* a bit of weight.

-Woke on 7th day, still couldn't climb a flight of stairs or kick while swimming. You gotta be kidding me.

-Went to see world famous sports medicine, who basically said: "Quit if you still want knees next season." Shoot, no more cortisone for me?

-Underwent a 90 minute biomechanical PT evaluation, where I discovered that my left foot joints ain't mobilizing and my right hip is completely locked in place. E-mail me if you want the explanation, but basically these combined problems are making me a very slow runner who overuses my left knee.

-And I will not be racing Clearwater 70.3 World Championships. Unless they give me a motorcycle.

-Beginning next Monday, I will set about fixing these issues and building a better body for the next season. Complete with waxed legs, an enhanced bust, and hopefully a moustache.

-Based on what I have learned about fitness and biomechanics in the past 8 weeks, I will be returning in 2009 as must faster and more "put together" athlete. I needed this injury to learn alot about my body, and how to enhance performance drastically with some simple biomechanical changes. Such as not wearing pumps, high heels, or snowshoes to my office.

Well folks, the 2008 race season has been a wild ride. Thanks for following. For those of you who are curious, here is next season, focused purely on the 70.3 circuit, with a few unnamed Sprints and Olympics sprinkled in...

Jan 20 Pucon Chile (low priority)
Apr 5 New Orleans
May: Florida or Wildflower
June 13 Boise
July 12 Rhode Island
August 2 Calgary
August 16 Lake Stevens
Nov 10 Clearwater

A huge thanks to all my sponsors, who have given the best support, shoes, bikes, nutrition, supplements and products on the planet...be sure to visit their websites on the right side of this page. And thank YOU for your comments, support and encouraging words!

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See you in 2009. I'm off to eat fudge, have a martini...

...spend time with my cute boy...

...and his butt-ugly brother...


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