Sunday, November 23, 2008

Back in Business

I officially started training again this weekend. Part of my winter training plan will involve cycling and running intervals based on peak power and peak pace tests. This is also a coaching strategy that will be implemented with several of the athletes that I coach. Anyways, here's the video. PUKE!


Spokane Al said...

Ben, its good to see you back in action buddy.

Next time try not to sandbag the workout - yeah right.

LORIE said...

Ben. . . . the kids and I watched this whole thing. Thanks for sharing. Although it probably stemmed more questions from the kids. . . . .:-).

Good idea.


Matt said...

glad to hear your back! I hope your hill repeat go will today..

Mark said...

You might be interested in the ruminations of Olympic swimmer Garrett Weber-Gale as he gets back into race shape after a post-Beijing rest.
Good luck for the season.

triblog carol said...

awesome video, thanks for sharing it.