Saturday, January 17, 2009

Benny "Hinkley" Greenfield

Somehow they've managed to change my name. Hinkley is not my middle name. It is my mother's maiden name. But my official race title is "Benny Hinkley Greenfield".

Frankly, I think this sounds more like an African-American jazz pianist, but whatever. Check out the race number. Bacardi, baby. Bacardi Benny.

And this transition video is INSANE.

No post would be complete without a couple family shots. Here we are eating a pre-race meal of fresh lake trout and quinoa at Ecola. Highly recommend it, all organic, local stuff. Also a great hostel. I'll take the boys back here someday when they're older for a guy's trip. Incidentally, I'm climbing the active Volcano Villarca on Tuesday (the one you can see out our hotel window). I've hired a guide to take me up at 4am.

Bathtime. I have to make sure this blog stays a bit edgy.

11 hour countdown to the race!

1 comment:

Pat G. said...

So this is pretty cool. Your grampa "Hink" Hinkley was an amazing athlete and he died before you were born. I think it is VERY COOL that your race name bears my dad's name, my maiden name, your grampa's name. You truly have many of his traits in reference to athleticism - drive, discipline, devotion, focus, fitness...he was 6'4" and all lean fast muscle.

Maybe this really isn't a mistake that his name is in your race name this time around...

We'll be 'watching' you in Chile...

Love you!