Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Workout Game

For me, the name of the game is fast workouts. I should say fast, effective workouts (who wants a fast workout that doesn't do crap, right?). So I am always looking for creative ways to craft superior workouts that are quick, effective and have the power to boost the metabolism for 24-48 hours.

As an added bonus I love it when they are portable (I can do it anywhere).

So here's my latest...

I call it "100 Rep Workout: The Game", and I use it when I need a very fast, very effective, and very entertaining workout.

This is actually a 300 rep workout, thus it is a semi-advanced workout, but can be modified easily by cutting the reps in half. It only uses bodyweight so you do not need any equipment.

Here is the workout:

A1) Bodyweight Squats x 100
A2) Push Ups x 50 (on your knees if you have to)
A3) Alternating Lunges x 50 (each leg)
A4) Mountain Climbers x 50
A5) Full Sit Up x 50

But that's not the game- it's just the sequence. The game is that if you have to stop for more than 1 second (a count of 1 Mississippi) or your form breaks in the slightest during any exercise you have to jump rope for 30 seconds. No jump rope? Jumping jacks with 3-5lb weights in each hand. No hand weights? Burpees for 30 seconds. Then resume the count where you left off.

You can rest 30 seconds between moves but that's it.

The best part about this entire workout is that if you do it right you'll be done with it in under 17 minutes.
That's the game - ready to play?

It's time to get your game on.

I got this idea from a really cool book called "The 100 Rep Workout". Check it out by clicking here. It features a bunch of so-called "man friendly" workouts designed to get you into shape in record time.

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