Monday, January 12, 2009


Ben Greenfield is very sick rightnow due to food poisoning from consumption of sundried tomatoes during the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles playoff game.

This happened following an 18 hour trip to Miami that included 2 delayed flights, 2 hours sitting on an airplane on the tarmac, and a lost bag with all the essential baby clothes, food and formula.

More details when he has any energy to type...most of it is currently being spent puking.


Spokane Al said...

Another chapter to another adventure. I am glad there were no pictures.

Get well soon buddy!

M-Dot said...

Yikes that sucks... Hope everything was found and that you recover well and fast.

M & J

Pat G. said...

So, the silver lining here is that your cousin, Lacee, just got engaged to Eagles' player, Booker! Woo hoo!! That might help with the vomits. LOVE YOU.