Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Athlete's Back

Brief Top 3 for Today's Highlights

1. I woke up and my back felt pretty good. But I had contracted pink-eye and my shoulder had completely popped out of socket during the night. Haha. Just kidding. No, actually, I felt pretty good so I went for a swim. I swam in the general direction of a boat that was floating out by the Ironman swim course - a little Robinson Crusoe type of dinghy. So I pull up alongside it...and it's basically a floating coffeeshop giving coffee to the swimming athletes! How cool is that? Or messed up? I don't know which. I didn't drink any coffee, but it made me wonder if that's a good idea for a franchise that could be called StarfishBucks. Or Coffish. Or Wake Up and Smell the Fish. OK, so I won't give up my day job.

2. Rode my bike on the Ironman marathon course. It is boring, rolling, lava fields. Hot and miserable. I kid you not - come Saturday it will be a death march. But like a death march with free energy candy and gatorade.

3. Had a massage from a gentleman that actually *walked on my back* in his bare feet. He just danced around up there like some kind of leprachaun. It was at a Farmer's Market in Kona. He was pretty good, really. So my back felt even better afterwards, but I think I need some anti-fungal cream so I don't contract Athlete's Back.

Good night,
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