Saturday, October 6, 2007

Delay is not just a Congressman

Quick post:

-For those of you wanting an update on my various and sundry ligailments (my creative nomenclature for torn up pieces of me), I'm sorry but that's not going to happen in this post. Saving that story for later, when I'm not paying $84.00 for 30 seconds of T-Mobile internet access. Besides, the only people who care about the injuries are A) my mom and B) people who paid me money and gave me stuff to be here. To the former, I love you; to the latter, that's the last time I smuggle drugs in orifices for you. No, actually. They were sponsors, not drug lords. This is sounding dumb to explain. Moving on.

The actual *subject* in this post: Delay!


-I and wife Jessa arrive in Spokane at 5:45am and find out our flight is cancelled

-chop suey with the airline to find a flight for us (I won't name the airline because it's rude, rhymes with Kaplaska)

-arrive in Seattle, but flight rearrangement means a 3 hour layover

-finally get to LA!

-call my brother in LA: "sorry dude, but only have 1 hour to spend together because my flight into LA was delayed"

-stuff, stuff, stuff quick eat Japanese food with brother, chopstick no good for fast eat time, hate eat asian with fork, check please buh-bye was that fish or chicken?

-huff and puff back to LAX to find out our flight was delayed 3 hours


So the update?

I'm sitting on the floor of the LAX airport, blogging.

Over and out, I think that this single blog post just cost me my firstborn to T-Mobile online, and the kid's not even born yet. But she is pregnant, for those of you who didn't know.

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