Sunday, October 14, 2007

Race Update

Results are up on, under "track an athlete".

After having a mostly fantastic swim and bike, I was heading out on the run at about 6:20. Basicaly, I knew that all I had to do was run a 3:40 marathon to break 10 hours. My actual plan was to run a 3:10-3:15 and shoot for about a 9:30. Unfortunately, between my foot, my back and (thanks to Gatorade - my new worst enemy) my stomach, things didn't go as planned on the marathon, and I ended up with a 10:28.

Am I satisfied? Absolutely. I feel so enormously blessed to even *be* here, racing with this caliber of a field. As a matter of fact, my swim and my bike were well within the top 20%! I can't complain about that...

Highlights of the race:

1) Looking next to me 20 minutes into the swim and who should be swimming directly by my side but Roger Thompson from Spokane, WA, the guy I'm actually down here *with*. We haven't planned it, but have been side by side in the only two Ironman we've ever done together. This is freakishly weird.

2) Got slapped with a 4 minute drafting penalty. 4 minutes in the sin bin, just waiting to get back on my bike and ride again.

3) Drank a total of about 250oz of water today. Ate 2100 calories on the bike and 1200 calories on the run. Swallowed 48 electrolyte pills.

Good night!
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