Friday, November 9, 2007

Clearwater Race Plan

Dear reader, promise you won't steal my strategy and beat me someday.

-pre-race breakfast at 6am (my wave begins at 8am). After breakfast head down to body marking.

-swim: it will be a small pack in this 1.2 miler. In a race with this much potential bike drafting, it is important to have a quick swim. In these rough conditions I will be going out hard with a very high stroke cadence (due to waves) and trying to sit on the legs of the lead pack. I hope to come out in the top 15% of the field in the swim. I'll push very hard on the swim, because in the presence of the injuries, it is the aspect of my training that has been best the past few weeks.

-bike: i'll split the bike into 5 portions and consume 5 scoops of perpetuum split into 8 minute 1oz fueling cycles, and 1 e cap every 15 minutes. Avg speed goal: 24.8-25.2

1) Transition to Drew St turn: try and stay with the fastest lead group

2) Down Drew St., all the way to Landsbrook Parkway turnaround, settle into a rhythm, see what the packs are pushing for pace. Realize I may need to race outside myself to stay with the leaders.

3) Landsbrook to Park Blvd. LONG stretch. Stay at a high cadence. Stay very aero. F-O-C-U-S.

4) Turn at Park Blvd down Belcher st to Gulf/Bay blvd turn: don't blow up. If legs start to feel rubbery, back off a bit.

5) Gulf to Bay blvd back to T1. Spin, prepare for run.

Run: I'll have one gel flask with 400 calories (extra calories just in case my injured foot forces me to run slow). Run half marathon goal: 1:24-1:27. Be shooting for 7 minute miles on the first loop of the run, then I'll open up to whatever I'm capable of after that. Hopefully 6:15 on down.

The run is just three portions: 1) the first loop. 2) the second loop all the way to causeway blvd. 3) causeway blvd to the finish line. I'll be almost halfway thru my gel flask after the first loop, and have 1 serving left coming onto causeway blvd. If I'm in a footrace for the podium, I may not have time to squeeze the last bit of nutrition in, but it's extra so I probably won't need it. I'll be carrying endurolyte caps during the run, and will take 1 every other aid station.

We'll see how it goes.

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