Monday, November 26, 2007

Smile for the camera

Not that you don't *want* to hear about every subtle nuance of our 17 hour flight to Phuket, Thailand, but I'm jet-lagged, sleepy, and have a million very important things I want to do (meaning I'm going to go find some good shrimp pad thai as soon as I finish this post, then go sit on the beach and read a book).

So I'm going to write this blog in "pictures" with captions underneath. For those of you who have ADD, like pop-up books, are dyslexic, have bad eyesight, or just don't like to read, what a goldmine this blog posting will be. For the rest of you, TOUGH LUCK because I'm not going to type any more than I have to today. ;)

My lovely wife. News flash: if you haven't heard, there's two lovely little twin boys inside!

I know it's sideways. Cock your head. That's me eating an unidentified meaty object at the Seoul, Korea airport.

Breakfast, at our resort in Phuket. Getting the feeling that I eat alot when I'm on vacation? Highlight of this breakfast was the painfully spicy fish sauce I put on my chinese chicken porridge. Please pass the mouthwash.

Looking out over the lagoon from our resort.

Feeding YumYum, the baby elephant hanging out in the hotel lobby.

My hot pregnant wife, gettin' jiggy wit a frog.

Lounging in the resort lobby.

Cheers, I promise I'll say more words next time...we're off to Phuket town tomorrow for a Thai cooking class! I'm going to make my speciality, the Oops I Cut My Finger Pad Thai.
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