Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Training Update

I will not be racing US National Age Group Championships this weekend. A bummer, because I had hoped to qualify for my pro card here, which means a double whammy from this knee injury - couldn't round out my season with the 1/2IM Black Diamond (so no chance at a #1 TriNW ranking!) and couldn't go after the pro card.

And this week's training, after experiencing the knee pain on Sunday, went as thus:

Monday: 1 hour Gymstick and free weight training with clients + 10x pull buoy 200m repeats w/ 500 warm-up and cool-down
Tuesday: 1 hour 200W indoor bicycle + 30 minutes aqua jog
Wednesday: 10*250m row with free weights + 30m steady aerobic swim
Thursday: 1 hour lake swim. ANOTHER CORTISONE INJECTION!
Friday: 6*500m freestyle repeats. Feel like crap from cortisone injection.

There is no way this is going to have me ready for Kona. Barring a big turnaround and the ability to put in volume this weekend, I will have to simply have some fun in Kona and shift focus to Clearwater.

This is kinda turning into a big deal. This is the longest I've ever been "laid up" from an injury.

On the brightside, I'm a really good swimmer now. ;)

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