Friday, September 12, 2008

Heads Up: A Hair-Raising Week of Training

The highly-unique, drastically-modified Kona injured-knee training regimen continues...

Sunday (day after Palouse Sprint Triathlon):
90 minute elliptical trainer. Thank you, NFL Football Season.

Monday: Got injected with cortisone after completely torquing already injured knee on spiral staircase. Just call me Tom Brady. Swam 4K with a pull buoy. That was...not interesting.

Tuesday: Swam another hour, but easy. Aqua jogged the "Frankenstein" straight-leg walk for 15 minutes. Did a full body weight circuit for 15 minutes, then finished with 5x2 minute 100% elliptical efforts with right leg only, each followed by 20 reps side right leg jumps onto box. This was a really hard set. My right leg was confused about why I was kicking its ass.

Wednesday: Knee felt a little better. Swam 30x100 meter repeats, alternating after each repeat with 25 push-ups, 25 seconds squat hold, or 25 little bigs. Finished with 30 minute VERY easy recumbent bike. My body is starving for some sun...get me outdoors soon, please!

Thursday: Knee feeling even better. Cycled seven Arbour Crest hill repeats on bike, rowed 20 minutes lactate threshold intensity at YMCA, and finished with 20 minute treadmill run at 8.0. Starting to get encouraged that knee might actually be ready for Kona.

Decided to lay-off knee. Performed core workout with one of my clients (15 total minutes of front and side plank holds), followed by 300 medicine ball slams, and 50 jump pull-ups, 50 push-ups. Later that day, I swam 10x broken 200's (100 @ 85%, 75 @ 95%, 25 @ 100%), then 10 minutes of fist-swimming drills. Mostly pull buoy, to spare knee.

Finally, on Friday night, I finished with baby River destroying me with a set of head lifts...

Ironman Hawaii approacheth...

Over and out,
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