Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sep 20/21 Kona Training Weekend Update

Saturday (preceded this with a 4K pull buoy swim):

This was at an average heart rate of 141, my *exact* aerobic threshold, so it was a very effective training session. The room was somewhere around 85 with the heater directly next to my bike. Knee felt OK afterwards, but very stiff.

90 minutes aqua jog with AQX aquatic training shoe (picture below)

Scared to run rightnow. I don't want to re-injure after the second cortisone injection. Don't want ligament to go boom-boom. After the aqua jogging, my knee felt fine, but on the way to the car, when I stepped off the curb, felt *buckling* knee pain. It disappeared pretty quick after I iced it. We'll see if I can string this thing along until Kona...


Pat G. said...


You look like a mad scientist!

Love reading your blog, about the methods for 'healing' your leg. I think it's educational for all of us to 'watch' this process.

We're watching you, all the way.

Love ya!

Spokane Al said...

Good luck on the knee buddy! I am pulling for you.