Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sep 27/28 Weekend Training

Synopsis: This was the last weekend to put "money in the bank" prior to Hawaii. I also started loading with CRE02, a creatine product from Millennium Sports.

Saturday: 1.5 hour outdoor hilly ride at aerobic threshold. Didn't want to go much more than this, as the friction/potholes feel like they might inhibit healing of my knee. Halfway through this ride, I blew a tire and had to get a ride from a cop to the nearest bike shop. Maybe I should have quite showing off my cool tricks to the girls at the park.

After this ride, I spent the rest of the day with my wife and babies, then threw down another 3.5 hours at aerobic threshold heart rate + 10 beats (about 153bpm) on the indoor trainer with the radiating heat fan under the bike. I lost 5 pounds during this session! Nothing like spending 7 to 10:30pm on a weekday night ON A BIKE. INDOORS. Sometimes, this is a weird sport.

Knee still felt "weak" after this session. Nervous about running a marathon in 2 weeks.

Sunday: Just to get a little hair on the chest with tired legs from the previous day, I swam a 3000m time trial prior to attempting to run. I then practiced my evolving Hawaii plan - run 3 miles, stretch, walk 2-3 minutes, then run again. Using this strategy, I ran 9 miles, then returned to the pool and swam a 2000m time trial. Knee feels pretty good tonight.

Final thoughts: Knee-wise, I'm very nervous about actually riding 112, then trying to run a marathon. I haven't attempted a brick in several weeks, so short bricks are on the menu this week as I officially begin my taper. We'll see what happens.


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