Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another Week Closer to Kona...Training Update...

Synopsis: GOOD news! After discovering several proprietary stretches, bracing techniques, heat application methods (including Greyhound juice) and exercises for IT band that I will feature forthcoming...somewhere (probably, I was able to throw down a bit of pain-free running this week. Not marathon-worthy volume, but running nonetheless.


Monday: 20 minute core training, 10*60 seconds aqua sprinting at 1:2 work:rest ratio, 30 minute elastic band/cable pull routine, 10*250 swim at max pace

Tuesday: 70 minutes Arbor Crest hill repeats on bike, with 3 layers clothing for added heat, 30 minutes dumbbell/stability ball push routine, Arbor Crest hill repeats running up/walking down for 30 total minutes at lactate threshold running.

Wednesday: 30 minute Gymstick routine, 30*50m pool sprint freestyle repeats, 30 minutes of 5 minute cross-country ski intervals (aqua jogging style)

Thursday: 60 minute of 1:3 work:rest ratio sprint repeats on indoor bike trainer with heat, 4x1 mile flat repeats for run at lactate threshold, 30 minute elastic band/cable push routine

Friday: Recovery day. 30 minutes easy aqua jogging, 60 minutes Yoga, 60 minutes massage from Tim Gilreath, 30 minutes ice bath, 20 minutes foam roller. Recovery days are hard!


Final thoughts:
Strangely, I am feeling incredibly fit rightnow, but fit like I was in college when I was playing water polo and doing Crossfit-style workouts. This is what I looked like then (2005):

Not necessarily triathlon focused fitness, but more total body crazy stuff. I've put on 3 pounds of muscle, shed 1-2% body fat, and boosted my lactate tolerance significantly. Between medicine ball swim sessions, 4 hour indoor trainer workouts with a radiating heat fan, cross-country aqua skiing, deep water running (click here for more on that), 30 minute High Intensity resistance training workouts with elastic bands, stability balls, Gymstick and rowing machines, and oodles of foam rolling and yoga, my body has had all sorts of new crap thrown at it over the past 5 weeks, which can sometimes be really fantastic for fitness. Hell, I often use this approach with my clients to achieve a fitness or fat-burning breakthrough. *Ahem*, they love it! Whether it pans out for a Hawaii-style Ironman is the ultimate question. In just 2 weeks, we shall see...

Next post: Sep 27/28 weekend training

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Mark "Frank" Whittle said...

Hey Ben, just got into your podcast and I'm loving your work, keep it up.

I've recently used aquajogging in my training when I was struggling with an ankle injury, but I'm thinking of adding it into my normal winter training. I like the look of the AQX Aquatic Training shoe that you talk about, I might invest in a pair on your recommendation. You should be on commission!

Train smart!